Create a wonderful haven with these top tips for renovating your bedroom

Your bedroom should be your oasis, your calm in the chaos, a place where you can escape to at the end of a long day. 

In this post, I share some top tips for you to consider if you are thinking about revamping your bedroom


Comfort is king!

The quickest and easiest way to give your bedroom a make-over, is to change your linen.

Invest in good quality linen. Egyption cotton offers a luxurious feel and excellent quality. 

Going for a neutral colour ensures that you can change the colour scheme of your bedroom at any time.

Consider getting two sets of linen. Darker linens are perfect for winter months, while lighter linen creates a cool atmosphere in summer.

Add colour through accessorries such as scatter cushions, rugs, art, accessories, and throws. 

Create a focus point

Attention grabber, conversation starter

Adding an area of visual interest is easy. You can do it by adding wallpaper to a wall, painting one of the walls in a different colour, hanging some signature art pieces, or installing a striking light fixture.

Wallpaper is not what it used to be in your Grandma’s house 30 years ago. 

It is back in a big way and comes in fabulous designs, textures and colours. 

Suprisingly, it is not as expensive as you may think. Starting at around R600 per roll, it offers a sure way to transform your bedroom.

Keep in mind that you may have to get a professional to install the wallpaper. 

If you want to paint your bedroom, why not consider a bold and daring colour?

Dark walls create an instant magical atmosphere and can be offset beautifully by using contrasting light coloured linen and furniture. 


Change it up

Ideally you want to layer the light in your bedroom. That is, have different sources of lighting or lighting that is adjustable. 

You can achieve this by adding bedside lamps (if you don’t have them yet), installing a dimmer switch with your existing light fittings, and adding strip lights if you have a bulkhead ceiling in your bedroom.

Consider exchanging your bedside lamps for wall light fixtures or pendants if you want to free up space on your beside table. 

By changing the existing globes to warm white, you change the entire atmosphere of the room, creating a warm, comfortable atmosphere.  

This beautiful picture by the Covet Group, captures lighting in a bedroom perfectly.

Add a rug

The possibilities are endless

While I am not a fan of carpets at all, I am all for rugs!

Rugs offer a great way to soften the atmosphere, introduce an accent colour, bring in some texture and add warmth to your bedroom.

Rugs come in various different designs, colours and sizes. 

Maybe you have a rug with sentimental value that you brought home from a trip overseas. The bedroom is a great area to use it, as it sees a lot less traffic than, for example, your lounge. 

A rug can act as a statement piece in your bedroom. 

If you use a rug with a busy pattern or colours, make sure that you pick up some of the colours or patterns in other accessories. like the scatter cushions on your bed. Be careful not to overdo it though!

Curtains & blinds

Dress your windows

An easy, inexpensive way to immediately update your bedroom, is to change the curtains.

I always suggest going for a neutral colour when choosing fabric for curtains, since it does not bind you to a specific colour scheme if you want to change the colour scheme in your bedroom.

You can introduce colour in the form of blinds made from a patterned or coloured fabric. 

Why not consider getting some good quality block-out curtains?  Block-out curtains or blinds filter out natural light from the room for those mornings you want to sleep in. 

It also reduces noise from outside coming into the room. 

Furthermore it gives a feeling of luxury to any room, almost as if you are sleeping in a fancy hotel room!

If you are changing the curtains, consider moving the curtain rails up as close to the ceiling as possible. 

Doing this, creates an illusion of space by making the windows seem bigger than they really are.