A tile is not a tile is a tile

All tiles are not created equal. The material used, additives added, manufacturing and finishing processes all influence the quality of the end product when it comes to tiles. 

Ceramic and porcelain tiles are the most commonly found, but there are also cement tiles, marble tiles. travertine tiles, slate tiles, and glass tiles.

Knowing which one to choose to suit your needs, might be tricky and requires thorough research.


Appearance, maintenance, cost and availability are all factors to take into account when choosing a tile. 

You might have decided on a certain look that you want to achieve through your tile floors, but how much is it going to cost?

Marble tiles are a beautiful option, but the same look can be achieved through a porcelain tile at half, if not less, the price. 

When it comes to cleaning, tiles must be the easiest floor finish to clean and maintain. It can be cleaned using common household cleaning agents and a mop.

Tiles come in various designs, shapes, colours, textures, and sizes. You will have unlimited choices when choosing a tile. 

Types of tiles

Ceramic tiles

Ceramic tiles are made from clay and other minerals which is compressed and then baked in n oven (kiln). The tile is then glazed to add an extra protective layer, special designs, and colours, and then fired again. This glazing seals and protects the tiles.