Renovating your home office

If you are considering revamping your home office or study, now is probably a good time to do it!  We offer some practical ways in which you can turn your study into a functional, inspiring space where you can work from home productively.

Step 1: Layout

Space planning

When thinking about renovating, start with asking yourself if the furniture layout you currently have, is practical and works well for your needs and in the available space.

Form follows function. Start with rearranging your existing furniture before buying new 

Consider moving furniture around in your home and bringing furniture from other rooms to use in your study.

Maybe you have some furniture stored away. Take a look at those to see if there is anything you can use in setting up a practical office space.

Often just moving around the existing furniture, can make a world of difference.

Step 2: Furniture

Old and new

If you are sticking to your existing furniture, consider giving it a new look by refurbishing the furniture pieces itself. You can re-upholster an old chair or use paint to give an old desk or bookshelf an all-new appearance.

Chalk paint offers an easy, affordable way to remodel old furniture pieces. 
Aside from the desk, furniture that provides storage, forms the base in any home office. Ensure that you have enough storage space in the form of cupboards, shelves, drawers and bookshelves to keep your office space neat and functional. 

The importance of a good office chair, cannot be emphasised enough. Get the best one money can buy. If you have an existing office chair, have it serviced and cleaned while you are renovating. 

Add in a few comfortable occasional chairs or a couch that can be used for tasks such as reading or for receiving visitors. 

If you are buying all new furniture, make sure you buy good quality, timeless pieces that will last you for at least 5 years to come. 

Modular pieces work well if you want to rearrange your office often.

Step 3: Paint

A little goes a long way

Painting a wall or a room is the most affordable way to revamp it.

You can either decide to add only a feature wall in your study or modernise it entirely by repainting all the walls. 

You can add interest to the room by painting one wall in a different colour or installing wallpaper (which is not as expensive as you would think!)

Choose a paint colour that is neutral and works with your furniture. Warm, neutral tones create a comfortable environment. 

Painting a room is quick and easy. It’s something that you can do over a weekend and the results will always give the feeling of a big change having been made.

Step 4: Floors

Choosing the right finish

If you are considering a major renovation, changing the floor finish should probably be close to the top of your list. 

Whether you are ripping out old carpets or removing tiles, refinishing the floor asks for careful consideration and planning.

Vinyl is the latest craze as far as floor finishes go, and it is a great choice for a home office. It is durable, affordable, easy to install and handles traffic very well.

It comes in different designs including vinyl tiles that mimic concrete floors or vinyl planks that look like wooden flooring. 

Tiles and concrete flooring may be too slippery, especially if you are using an office chair with wheels. 

Other flooring materials you can consider include carpets or laminated flooring. 

If you don’t have the budget to spend on changing the floor finish, remodel the rest of your room to fit in with your existing floors. Make sure the colour palette and paint colours you choose, compliment what’s on the floor. 

Step 5: Lighting

Layers of light

Lighting in your home office, should consist of different light sources, layering the light.

Changing the lighting in your home office can start by letting in as much natural light as possible. This might mean changing the blinds or curtains or even breaking out a new window or making existing windows bigger.

Moving on to overhead, ambient lighting, installed as ceiling fittings – this should not be the only source of light in the home office.

Take the opportunity to change the overhead lighting to LED fittings which will be a great energy saver. 

Introduce some task lighting in the form of desk lamps, under-cupboard lighting and floor lamps.

Task lighting helps to improve contrast so you can better accomplish certain tasks, like reading, with greater ease. 

Different light sources give you the option to control the lighting levels in the room, based on the time of day and that tasks at hand. 

Step 6: Decor

Add your personal touch

Add your own touch in the form of  the chosen fabrics for soft furnishings such as curtains, upholstery and scatter cushions. 
Indoor plants bring nature inside and add visual interest to the space. 

A statement or self-made art pieces can add a personal touch. Use your shelves to display not only books but also art pieces. 

You can add decor pieces of a personal nature to your home office as well, items portraying your hobbies.

Make the space your own, make it a room you love to spend time in!

Your home office or study has a direct impact on your productivity.  If you want more tips on setting up your home office, take a look at our previous blog post here.

If you enjoy reading, give your home office a library feel. If you’re a collector – display some of your collections in beautiful frames on the walls.

If you enjoy the outdoors, bring nature in in the form of the colour scheme or wallpaper. 

Plan, plan, plan!

Walls, floors, ceilings, lighting and decor – these are all the important elements to consider when revamping your study.

Decide how much money you want to spend and what the important aspects are that you would like to focus on. 

If you are not sure where to begin, start with rearranging  the furniture and adding a fresh layer of paint and take it from there. 

Renovating your home is a marathon, not a sprint. You will be spending a lot of money while revamping, plan and avoid spending it unwisely!





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