Spring cleaning in January

After watching a documentary on Netflix titled Minimalism: A documentary about the important things, it got me thinking.

Do I really need all the stuff I have in my house? Do I really need a dinner service taking up cupboard space just in case I had 20 people over for dinner someday? (that has never happened to me by the way!)
Sure, some things are nice to have, just for in case, but how often am I actually using these things?
Long story short, I have been taking stock of everything I have in my house after the holidays and decided to let a lot of it go. 
Don’t worry, this is not a blog post telling you to Mari Kondo your entire home. I just thought I would share some tips with you if you want to better organise your home and go into 2020 with a fresh start!

Tip #1: Throw out odds

I started in the kitchen, throwing out all odd glasses, cups, plates and cutlery.  

If it was no longer part of a set, I let it go.

Small amounts of spices left? Let it go! 

Plastic containers that no longer have lids? Let it go!

Only a lit bit of cleaning liquids left in the bottle? Squeeze the left overs into a new bottle of the same cleaning liquid and then let the bottle go!

You get the idea. 

Taking it one step further, I only kept four of each. Four cups, four plates, four glasses etc. That way  there is less to use and less to clean afterwards. 

Tip #2: Bottle it up

I love beautiful glass containers.  So I got a couple of glass containers in different sizes and organised things like pasta, rice, biscuits, beans etc. into the different bottles.

Another good idea would be to get similar looking spice bottles and organise all your spices to look the same. Mark it with a nice label and there you go! No more hundreds of different boxes and bottles to clutter up your cupboards.

Tip #3: Out with the old

Did you know that things like make-up, shampoo and conditioner actually expire? Throw out all those half empty shampoo bottles. You can use the contents to wash your make-up brushes, and kids’ soft toys.

Get rid of any make-up older than 2 years. Expired make-up can cause an allergic reaction on your skin. 

Use plastic containers to organise all your cosmetics, brushes, hair pins and other tidbits together instead of leaving it lying loose around a drawer.

Tip #4: Go paperless

If you are not doing this already, you really should be! Who has time to sort through stacks of paper mail, just to throw it out anyway?

Almost evrything and anything can be managed online nowadays. From your municipal accounts, bills, applications and invitations – all of it can be paperless! Be sure to recycle all the paper you throw out!

Although many people have a love for books, even books can be downloaded and stored on your electronic devices. Keep only the books that really add value to your life and donate the rest to charity shops or libraries. 

And while you’re at it, do yourself a favour and unsubscribe from all those useless mailing lists!

These are just a few tips to get you started this new year. I still have a lot to sort through and organise, but at least I made a start and I can’t tell you how good it feels to get rid f things that only add clutter to my life. 

I still need to tackle my clothes and shoes though!

Remember, you need less than you think you do!

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