Everyone can do with more storage. This month we share some clever storage ideas.

Under the stairs

That awkward space under the stairs can easily become extra storage space. Convert it into extra cupboard space with a pull-out clothes rail or pull-out shoe shelf. This space also loans itself to a cosy reading nook, bookshelf or even a small home office.

You can safely create this extra storage  while maintaining the structural integrity of the stairs.

Drawers, drawers, drawers!

Installing drawers in your kitchen instead of cupboard space, is a sure way to create more storage. Drawers come in different sizes and can even be subdivided for more effective storage. 

Laundry room hacks

Clothes can easily pile up in your laundry room. Having a system in place and customising your storage solutions, can prevent this.

Creating pigeon hole shelving in your laundry room allows you to store bigger items like laundry baskets.

Add some hanging rails to hang up clothes after ironing. 

Make sure you have enough counter space where you can do all the folding. 

Bathroom bliss

Bathrooms being one of the smallest spaces in a house, storage can easily become a problem.

Adding some floating shelves above the toilet, bathtub or even the door creates that extra bit of storage space that you can utilise for towels, cosmetics, cleaning products, baskets and so much more. 

Storage for your bedroom

Adding shelves on top of your bedside table, creates extra space that can be used for storing books and other items. 

Finding a bed base with drawers or shelving can add some storage, especially if you have a small bedroom. 

Creating a reading bench and bookshelf on an unused wall in your bedroom, not only creates extra storage, but also gives you a space where you can relax.

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