Often times clients require custom made furniture to suit their unique requirements.  Designing custom furniture in collaboration with furniture manufacturers, ensures that the furniture is manufactured to the clients specifications and needs.  Focal areas, be it walls, shopfornts or entire areas guarantees that the corporate identity of the company or shop is carried across to the end user.

Custom designs (furniture, focal areas)

Coordination between sub contractors, overseeing projects from start to finish, liaising between client, contractors, suppliers and installation teams:  Projects require a certain sequence of installation in order to efficiently utilise time and ensure the project is completed timeously and correctly.  Overseeing certain installations and making sure that contractors collaborate in terms of time management and supply, is crucial.  This service guarantees smooth transition from one phase to another until completion of the  project.

Project management

Continued involvement throughout the project

Follow up after completion of project

Following up after correction of all snags and after occupation to ensure that the environment that was created suits the needs of the occupant and everything is suited to the clients’ needs.

The process of correcting snags on site as they occur, ensures that the project is completed quicker and eliminates the need for snag listing and correcting snags upon completion of the project.


I N T E R I O R  D E S I G N