Services for well designed spaces


Space planning 

Implementing excellent design principles in order to ensure the most economic use of available space, be it for a residence, offices, medical suites or commercial properties.  Space planning ensures the optimal use of space.

2D Layouts

2 Dimensional drawings, detail drawings and working drawings

Visual aids to convey the concept design from the designer to the Client and Contractor.

3D Models

3 Dimensional models of proposed design

A visual aid to convey the design to a client. After being presented with these visualisations, a client should have a good idea and understanding of what the end product will look like.

Working drawings

Working drawings are issued to the Contractor to support the construction process.

Drawings for Council submissions. 

Samples & inspiration

Inspirational images and samples of proposed finishes gives you, the client, a tactile representation of the concept and design.


Specification of fittings, fixtures, materials, furniture

Present the client with samples of proposed finishes, colour schemes, paint finishes, fabric selection, proposed furniture and materials and how it all comes together in order to create the finished product.

Procurement of furniture, fixtures, fittings, materials

This proces involves obtaining the professional services of trusted suppliers and experienced contractors to supply and install the specified materials, finishes and fittings such as drywall partitions, floor finishes, ceilings, lights, wallpaper, furniture, shop fitting items etc.  Only reliable contractors with who we have a long standing relationship, are used.

Project Management

Interior fit out management

Overseeing interior installations and making sure that contractors collaborate in terms of time management and supply, is crucial.  This service guarantees smooth transition from one phase to another until completion of the project.

Liaison with main contractor

Regular site meetings with the main contractor to coordinate work and implement the project programme.

Coordination of sub-contractors

Coordination between the main contractor and sub contractors, overseeing projects from start to finish, liaising between the client, contractors, suppliers and installation teams. Projects require a certain sequence of installation in order to efficiently utilise time and ensure the project is completed timeously and correctly.  

Site supervision, snagging & correction of snags

This process of correcting problems and defects as they occur on site, ensures that the project is completed quicker and eliminates the need for snag listing and correcting snags upon completion of the project