Good lighting and why it matters

Let’s take a moment to talk about the importance of good lighting in interior design and the importance thereof.

Lighting is one of the most overlooked and yet important elements of good interior design  What is the point in  creating beautiful interior surroundings if they cannot be appreciated properly or if there is insufficient light to be able to carry out even the most basic of tasks?

Lighting in a space, changes the mood of that space as well as the perceived size of the space. The secret is the combination of available natural light and the use of artificial light to create a balance.

Natural lighting is preferred above artificial light because it shows off colours better and adds to the perception of available space of a room by bouncing off reflective surfaces.

When it comes to artificial lighting, there are different types to consider.  Accent lighting, for example, can be exceedingly effective when used to display art pieces or to accentuate focal elements. In this case, the angle of the lighting needs to be just right to achieve the very best effect. Accent lighting also serves in highlighting the architectural features of a building.

Task lighting is another type of lighting which is important. In lounges and studies, for example, it helps to avoid eyestrain when reading or working, while in the kitchen it ensures that tasks can be carried out safely.  Adequate task lighting is also essential in the bathroom for the purposes of shaving or applying make-up for instance.

Ambient lighting can enhance the design of spaces. Making use of dimmer switches can alter the ambiance of the room to achieve the look and feel you desire. Floor lamps, wall mounted lights and centrally hanging lights on the ceiling help brighten a room if natural light is not available and help create a visually larger space.

Consider skylights or large windows if you want more natural light, or use sheer curtains to allow the maximum amount of light from your windows.


Lighting is a very effective and relatively inexpensive tool to perfect the interior design of any space. Done right, it will not only be functional and create an optimally effective space, but it will also add to the design of your interior to make it breathtaking and exceptional.