Getting back into the office groove- 6 tips to get you back to work after the holidays

Ah, vacation! You just got back from a couple of weeks of complete relaxation, when the only thing on your to-do list was to not do a thing. But now you’re back to reality and struggling to muster up the strength to turn on the computer, trudge through your inbox, and jump right back into your normal work routine.

Most of us were back at the office last Monday after the holidays. A lucky few are only returning to the office today.  It may take a few days to get back into things – trust me, I know! Here are a few tips to help you ease back into the groove of work and office life.

1. Organise your desk.

Left your desk in a complete mess in a hurry to get out the of office on closing day? Start your year by cleaning up your desk.  Clean out drawers, organise files, get rid of old paperwork and start on a clean slate! Getting rid of unnecessary clutter on your desk can give you the motivation you need to get started.

Check out these helpful tips on WikiHow on getting your desk organised.


2.Get your self some new stationery

When I was a little girl, I could not wait for school to start after the December holidays each year.  The reason?  New stationery! I love new stationery!

With all the back to school specials currently running, you can get some awesome stationery for great prices.

Get yourself a few new items to pretty up your desk. If you like using a diary, get yourself a cool new diary or desk calendar where you can schedule all your meetings and jot down your to do lists. Alternatively, think clip boards, cute notebooks, pens, markers and highlighters, post-it notes and paper clips.

Checkout Typo stores nationwide for some quirky stationery and office supplies.

3. Move or rearrange your office

While this might not be an option for everyone, I suggest moving your office around at least once a year.  Turn your desk to face a window or door so you can have a view of the outdoors. Move your office to a different room in your house if you are working from home. Swap desks with a colleague. Rearrange the set-up of your desk so you face a different direction.  Move the entire office if you are sitting in an open plan office.

You know the saying – a change is as good as a holiday!

Contact us if you need space planning to change things up in your office.


4. Get a plant for your desk

Plants can transform your workspace into a more peaceful, tranquil and engaging place. Adding some greenery to your desk, will keep things fresh! Get a small orchid, bonsai tree, terrarium or air plant. Woolies Foods have beautiful small planters and plants that can live on your desk.

Scared that you will let the plant die after a few weeks? Get an artificial plant.  The effect will be the same, without you having to worry about keeping it alive.

Check out Superbalist for beautiful desk planters and plants.


5. Clean out your Inbox

Leave on your out-of-office reply for an extra day and start the year by cleaning out your email inbox, drafts and unnecessary mails. Unsubscribe from those annoying newsletters and spam emails. Create folders and organise your mails accordingly.

6. Get new office furniture

Does your office furniture look old and tired? Start the year by getting some new furniture to spruce up things in the office.  If your budget is constrained, start by getting some new chairs.  Have them upholstered in your company colours to bring so life to your office space. Your employees will be excited and more productive when they fell like their health and comfort are being valued by you. Keep an eye out for my next blog post where I will discuss the importance of a good office chair.